Cooking Summer Camp 2015 in Brooklyn Heights. Weekly Sessions Until 9/4. Spots Still Available For MOST Weeks!

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Summer is around the corner!! Below are some dates and quick descriptions of our weekly themes in Summer 2015. As always, please feel free to contact us with any question or concern you may have at: OR call / text Michelle at 917.266.3861 

NOTE: if you’re having trouble with the “info” email address, please email Michelle directly at:


Every year seems to get better and better. Whether you’ve been with us many times or this is your first summer, we hope you love spending a week with us at Food Art for Kids. Your parents will love you for it because you’re going to cook some amazing food and bring it home to them!

(1) June 15th – June 19th: The Uprising

Yeast is the star ingredient of this week. Join us for an exploration unit of breads and other baked goods that require time and a lot of patience! You may have to hold your breath until you get to taste what you made, but trust us, it is worth it!

(2) June 22nd – June 26th: Special Request 1

Why did your child chose to come to cooking camp? Are they curious to learn how to make pasta from scratch? Or maybe they want to try a new salad? Special Request Weeks are all about the kids; they tell us what they like to eat… We teach them how to make it!

(3) June 29th – July 2nd (* No camp July 3rd in observance of July 4th): The United State(s) of Food

In honor of Independence Day, let’s take a road trip around the country. We will have a picnic, stop at a roadside stand and have a traditional diner meal. All in just one week!

(4) July 6th – July 10th: La Bella Cucina   

From American cuisine inspired by the eateries of Italy to the traditional dishes of the homeland we will revel in La Bella Cucina – The Italian Kitchen. We’ll prepare fresh pasta, wonderful sandwiches, and great salads!

(5) July 13th – July 17th: King’s Food

Welcome to Brooklyn; How Sweet it is! Brooklyn has long ago established itself as a culinary destination. Let’s try some of Brooklyn’s traditional and untraditional recipes.

(6) July 20th – July 24th: Special Request 2

(* Same as Special Request 1; Recipes may change according to the kids’ preferences)

(7) July 27th – July 31st: All Day Breakfast

If breakfast (and/or brunch) is your favorite meal of the day, this is the week for you! All breakfast food, all day long!

(8) August 3rd – August 7thAround the World in 5 Days

This week we’ll embark on a cultural and gastronomic journey around the world.  We’ll discover authentic dishes and explore the culinary heritage of Italy, Japan, Mexico and France.

(9) August 10th – August 14th: The Lab (Baking powder? Yeast? DNA in a banana? Sugar? All can be the subjects of very interesting  (and mostly tasty!) science experiments. This week is all about gaining a deep understanding of the cooking / baking process.

(10) August 17th – August 21st: Special Request 3

(* Same as Special Request 1 and 2; Recipes may change according to the kids’ preferences)

(11) August 24th – August 28th: The Makings of a Meal

Cooking is much more than actual kitchen work. it involves picking the recipe that suits you most, shopping for the right ingredients and overall a lot of planning. During this week, the kids will focus on the process: from going through different recipes to shopping for the right ingredients (on a budget !) to actually cooking. This is a fun and exciting learning experience. An added value will be a greater appreciation of the home cook in your house!

(12) August 31st – September 4th: Restaurant Week

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to start and operate a restaurant? At Restaurant Week budding chefs, entrepreneurs, and young restaurant enthusiasts will launch their very own restaurant!
From establishing a name, choosing the theme, designing the decor, writing the menu, learning etiquette, and creating, cooking, and serving the signature dish.





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