Cooking Summer Camp 2016 in Brooklyn Heights – Spots Still Available for some Weeks!

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Here is what summer 2016 has in store:

August 1st – August 5th: Noodle Doodle 

Noodles present endless opportunities for a tasty meal. Being a staple in so many different cuisines around the world, we feel that they deserve their own week. From Asia, to Europe to the USA, there are so many different kinds of recipes to explore.

August 8th – August 12th: Dough Creations 

From bagels to pretzels to breads and cookies … All are made of dough. Flour and water, so basic yet so versatile. How can two simple ingredients produce so many different tastes? Come see for yourself!

August 15th – August 19th: Special Request 2 

Why did your child chose to come to cooking camp? Are they curious to learn how to make pasta from scratch? Or maybe they want to try a new salad? Special Request Weeks are all about the kids; they tell us what they like to eat… We teach them how to make it!

August 22nd – August 26th: Taste of Italy

If you have been coming to camp for more than a year (as many of you do – thank you so much!!!!) you must know that Michelle is a HUGE fan of the Italian cuisine. Learn how to make pasta from scratch and eat it with fresh tomato sauce. I guarantee you will never want to eat the commercial version ever again! Oh, pizza anyone ?!

August 29th – September 2nd: Food in a Pocket 

Another favorite of ours: stuffed foods … From pop tarts (from scratch) to stuffed cabbage (Yummy! believe us), to dumplings, empanadas and even fortune cookies… These are all pockets of food. Do you care to stuff with us?



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